Trainer Celebrity Lookalikes: A Light-Hearted Look at Some of our Favorite Trainers

We have all had it happen; someone compares us to a celebrity. Maybe it’s our eyes, our smile, the way we carry ourselves that reminds others of someone famous.

And while successful trainers have not necessarily sought the spotlight like Hollywood actors and actresses, they have through triumph in the winner’s circle, media, and advertisements become recognizable in their own right.

We asked some of the most well-known trainers in the business what celebrity they have been told they resemble.


Julian Harris – Justin Timberlake

With his handsome smirk and mystical eyes, Julian Harris’ exquisiteness is suggestive of Justin Timberlake. The owner of Top Line Performance Equine, APHA World Champion Harris is a ‘triple threat’ like Timberlake; they are both all-around winners in their respective fields. Perhaps it is their insatiable work ethic or their witty humor (Julian could host SNL if he wanted to) that makes these two handsome stars a match.

Five things you may not know about Julian Harris:
1. His teenage celebrity crush was Shania Twain.
2. His guilty pleasure TV show is Pokémon because it is nostalgic for him.
3. He can’t stand the saying ‘YOLO’ (but who can really?).
4. You can spoil Julian spending under $10 by buying him a purple bag of Skittles.
5. His first kiss was a girl named Tabitha who made an excellent raptor impression.

Katy Jo Zuidema – Miranda Lambert

Whether she is singing about love, life, or revenge, she says exactly what she means and how she feels. Anyone who knows multiple Congress and World Champion, Katy Jo, understands her similar zest for life. Her strength, charisma, and sweet southern charm (although she is originally a Michigander, she now resides in Florida) reminds us of Miranda Lambert. Both ladies are stunning inside and out.

Five things you may not know about Katy Jo Zuidema:
1. The household chore she hates the most is putting clean, folded laundry away.
2. She once gave her little sister a swirly.
3. She loves it when her mother organizes her.
4. There is no money you could give her to eat a live worm, spider or snake.
5. She is a total night owl.

Kellie Hinely – Charlize Theron

Tall, blonde, with a beautiful and stunning smile, Kellie Hinely from Chino Hills California and actress Charlize Theron are sisters switched at birth. Both ladies are willing to give everything to their craft (check out the pics from Hinely’s Cruella Deville routine at the Oregon Classic 2016). Hinely is a Congress Champion and Reserve Champion at both AQHA and NSBA World Shows. And along with their innate beauty, these women are devoted to family and success in their careers.

Five things you may not know about Kellie Hinely:
1. She worked at a garbage disposal company for three years through high school.
2. She loves to scrapbook.
3. She loves babies.
4. Her senior prom date was her husband.
5. The favorite saying that she can’t stand is ‘If it was meant to be.’ She believes that if you want it, you need to work to get it.


Dakota Diamond Griffith – Christina Aguilera

Over the top beauty with the biggest of welcoming and loving hearts, anyone who has ever met or seen Dakota Diamond Griffith knows she lives up to her middle name. A gem of talent and gorgeousness, Dakota, residing in both Ohio and Florida throughout the year, can be compared to Christina Aguilera. Whether they are dolling it up for the camera or taking no-makeup-selfies, both ladies stand true to themselves, their beliefs and their careers. Dakota is a self-proclaimed ‘lipstick addict’ but also a highly decorated, multiple Congress Champion and AQHA Professional Horsemen’s Association member.

Five things you may not know about Dakota Diamond Griffith:
1. As outgoing as she is, she would rather stay at home on her back porch with close friends and family relaxing and sharing stories and laughs.
2. She does not have any tattoos; she loves them on friends, but her mom wishes against it, so she respects her.
3. Her secret goal in life would be “fighting” for WWE. She would rather train up to beat Ronda Rousey, but she would like to take stunt work first, baby steps.
4. Her brother is an excellent golfer (club champion at Ohio State is his most recent victory and he also holds the course record). She has recently found an interest in it and would like to start trying her hand. Paired with her late Nana’s clubs of course and a few pink outfits.
5. She is terrified of being alone – if you ever wanted to play a cruel joke on her, set up her kidnapping, at your own risk, of course.


Jamie Murrow – Jessica Alba

Hailing from Madison, Georgia and newly engaged, Jamie Murrow’s smoky doe-eyes and luscious lips remind us of actress Jessica Alba. Both extremely fit and talented, these ladies have it all: the lifestyle, the relationship, and the successful careers. Murrow is a Reserve NSBA World Champion and multiple Tom Power’s Futurity winner. However, she remains humble enough, and this lady works her tail off for her accomplishments.

Five things you may not know about Jamie Murrow:
1. Her teenage celebrity crush was Clay Walker.
2. Her favorite household product is a broom because she is a neat freak.
3. Scariest animal to her is a snake.
4. Her middle name is Ann
5. Her guilty pleasure TV show is I Love Lucy.


Jodie Ploog – Reese Witherspoon

Tiny and mighty and with striking blue eyes, Reese Witherspoon is a perfect celebrity match for trainer, Jodie Ploog. Both women are fierce in accomplishing what they set to gain and both have become successful in their careers. From Lakeville, Minnesota, Jodie has attained such accolades in the show ring as AQHA Congress Non-Pro Champion and numerous Appaloosa World and National Champion winner.

Five things you may not know about Jodie Ploog:
1. She chose to repeat 8th grade just to go to the Iowa 7-Day Run Horse Show.
2. She is terrified of spiders.
3. Her guilty pleasure under $10 is a Cinnamon Dolce Latte.
4. She has three siblings.
5. She’s been told she looks like Kelly Ripa and Miranda Lambert.


Ceralena Grey – Scarlett Johansson

APHA trainer and World Champion, Ceralena’s infectious smile and charming nature are what compares her to the highly attractive Scarlett Johansson. Both women are more than their stunning looks; they are both strong-voiced, opinionated political and equality activists and also charitable and loving to the world. Living and operating her horse business with boyfriend and partner Jeremy Price in Princeton, Kentucky, Cera loves coaching her students to the top of the show circuit.

Five things you may not know about Ceralena Grey:
1. She loves lemon cake and chocolate pie.
2. She always goes to sleep with her dog Mojo in the bed.
3. It would only take $1,000 and she would eat a live worm.
4. You could spoil her spending under $10 by buying her a YooHoo.
5. She loves to binge on the TV show Teen Mom in secret.


Brad Ost – Clive Owen

When one describes ‘tall, dark, and handsome,’ Brad Ost from Aubrey, Texas is the perfect example and matched definitively with actor, Clive Owen. Both men are high achievers in their fields of work, Owen being an Academy Award Nominee and Brad being a Congress and World Champion and associate trainer at Highpoint Performance Horses. Their chiseled jawlines and deep smoky voices can make any admirer swoon.

Five things you may not know about Brad Ost:
1. He is one of 9 children and his parents are still married.
2. He grew up showing 4-H and loved livestock and has returned to raising show lambs.
3. One of his favorite horse stories to tell is the first time he showed in AQHA. He didn’t have any show clothes or even a membership the day before when he was told he would show the Senior Western Riding the next day. He worked for Bruce Vickery at the time and the horse was Kat Man Shine. He ended up winning the circuit.
4. His favorite cake is ice cream cake or cheesecake with fruit.
5. His dream was always to move to Texas and be a horse trainer. He didn’t really know how he was going to make it happen but when the opportunity came up for a ride down with a friend, he jumped on it. He only had about 50 dollars, a pay as you go phone and he was randomly calling anyone in the area whose number he could find asking for a job, even if it was cleaning stalls.


Reid Thomas – Jude Law

Striking, understated, and always compassionate, one may interchangeably describe Reid Thomas and actor, Jude Law. Matched by their debonair looks and sophisticated style, both men are dedicated to their dogs and helping others through charity work. Thomas lives in Boerne, Texas where he operates his AQHA World Champion training business. He is highly dedicated to the Riders with Disabilities program.

Five things you may not know about Reid Thomas:
1. He is a night owl.
2. He hates to dust.
3. He loves German Chocolate and Italian Cream Cake
4. He likes to sleep with three pillows.
5. His favorite household product is Bath & Bodyworks plug-in scents.


Do you think your trainer looks like a celebrity? If so, who? Let us know!

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