Five Tips to Give Your Motorhome or Living Quarters a Cozy Feel

As horse show contestants, we often find ourselves away from home for days, sometimes weeks, at a time. Our living quarter trailers and motorhomes take the place of our home as we travel to different destinations with our four legged partners. Making these coaches feel like a home can seem like a difficult feat with the small quarters and the need for low maintenance décor, but GoHorseShow has rounded up five easy and creative ways to make your coach feel like a home.

1. Customized Decorative Pillows

An excellent way to add color, comfort, and a personal touch is by including decorative pillows from Award Décor by Marsha Stigge. Pillows are a must to add coziness when traveling, so why not have them show off a past or present accomplishment with your horse? Award Décor takes jackets that you and your horse have won and turns them into amazing conversation pieces. From square pillows with fringe to a rectangle shape with plaid piping, you can completely customize the style of your pillow to one that you would like to see in your coach.

2. Battery Operated Candles

Candles add incredible ambiance to any room, however, when we are on the road and in our smaller coach, a real candle can pose a fire hazard. A great alternative with the same warm feel is to use battery operated candles. These candles can be placed anywhere throughout your coach without worry of smoke or flame. Spark up your battery operated candle by adding a cute rustic casing that tells a story and showcases your personality. Add different colored candles to accent your overall color scheme.

3. Attractive Accent Rugs

Rugs are a great way to add warmth (and help with cleaning) to your coach. Rugs can be placed in the main walkways and the lavatory and changed easily whenever you’d like to switch the style up. Select different length rugs to help tie the rooms together and make it feel like a home. Rugs add great accent colors and can be used as a starting point for the overall theme of your coach. Warm, vibrant colors can make your coach instantly feel like a home from the moment you open the door.

4. Low Maintenance Decorative Plants

Traditional live plants can add a beautiful, homey touch to any room. However, they aren’t very practical while on the road. Artificial ornamental plants have recently taken the market by storm lately and look as real as ever. These are a great alternative because they require no upkeep and won’t cause a mess if they accidentally tip over while you are driving. Place your artificial plant in a fun vase that ties into your color theme to bring your room together.

5. Inspiring Signs

Wake up with words of wisdom in your home away from home by adding small inspiring signs throughout your coach. Certain words or sayings can completely change your mood, so place ones that speak to you throughout your trailer to get the good vibes started for the show before you even step out of your trailer. Small signs don’t take up too much space and add a tasteful touch throughout your coach.


Just because you are away from your traditional home doesn’t mean it has to feel like it. Take these great tips and make your coach your own. Add personality and class with warm and bold colors that tie together throughout your living area. Who knows, you may fall in love with your new space so much that you won’t want to leave.

About the Author: Lauren Crivelli Stanley of Tulare, California got hooked on horses at a very young age and never looked back. Through the support of her family and friends, she has allowed this passion to evolve and has learned to express this passion through writing. She can be found in the show ring aboard her two roan horses in the All Around and Ranch Versatility events.

Photos © Award Decor and Lauren Stanley

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