12 Disney World walls that are perfect for Instagram


Walt Disney World is home to countless magical spots, but have you heard about the many unique walls of Disney World?

Yes. You read that correctly. There are a variety of different walls scattered throughout the theme parks and resorts that are picture-perfect backdrops. They are quickly becoming the “it” photo opportunity to show off on Instagram.

Here are 10 Disney walls you need to snap a photo in front of during your next trip.

The purple wall is a popular choice.

It only makes sense that the top photo spot goes to the Disney wall that started it all — the purple wall.

What started as a hidden gem amongst social media influencers and fashion bloggers has boomed into a bustling must-do photo opportunity that is so popular even Disney has created merchandise and a specialty slushy in honor of it. So, don’t be surprised to see a crowd or even a Photopass Cast Member ready to snap a photo.

The purple wall is located at the entrance of Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom. Although the purple wall is now old news, this classic photo spot is always on my list whenever I visit.

The galactic purple wall is unique.

Recently, the purple wall has undergone a cosmic transformation. Directly next to the original purple wall at the entrance of Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom is the brand new galactic purple wall.

This wall features a unique geometric pattern with different hues of purple and white. It is a funky way to spruce up your feed and show off the latest and greatest Instagram hit.

The popsicle stick wall is in Toy Story Mania.

Take a stroll through the exit area of Toy Story Mania in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and you will stumble upon the colorful popsicle stick wall.

I think this is one of the best photo spots in Toy Story Land because it captures the whimsy of „Toy Story“. Plus you can really get in touch with your inner child and dress up in your „Toy Story“ finest.

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