16 things to know before starting an acne treatment

acneAlthough a good salicylic acid face wash, clarifying toner, and detoxifying face mask may work wonders on acne-prone skin, there are times when all the pimple-busting products in the world really can’t seem to budge those stubborn breakouts. And of course, considering an acne treatment may be your next best step, but there are things to keep in mind before you discuss topical, hormonal, and prescription treatments with your dermatologist.

Skin changes, sun sensitivity, and dryness are all things to take note of before trying out an acne treatment, making it important to bring up these concerns with your dermatologist during your next visit. To bring some other helpful pointers to your attention, we spoke to some expert dermatologists on the subject to make sure you have all the information you need before you begin the acne treatment of your choosing.

Below are some of the things you’ll definitely want to keep in mind.

You’ll want to be open to all suggestions.

„Unless you have a true medical reason for not using a category of treatment, it is best to stay open to all forms of acne treatment suggested by your dermatologist,“ said board-certified dermatologist Margo Weishar, MD, FAAD.  Acne is often best treated with a multi-pronged approach, Weishar suggested, and this may include hormonal treatments, antibiotics, or topical treatments.

Your skin will change.

„Acne products may make your skin more sensitive, so stick to products recommended by your dermatologist that will enhance your treatment,“ Weishar explained to INSIDER. This includes cleansers, exfoliators, moisturizers, sunscreen, and makeup, she suggested.

Don’t try medspa treatments without an all-clear from your dermatologist.

„Add-on treatments like peels and microdermabrasion can be helpful in some forms of acne, but you should discuss this in advance with your dermatologist,“ Weishar suggested. It is not advisable to have a medspa recommend treatment for your acne without a thorough evaluation by a physician, she added.

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