30 celebrities you forgot played the bad guys on 'Law & Order: SVU'

law and order svuNow in its 19th season, „Law and Order: SVU“ stands apart as the original „Law and Order“’s longest-running spin-off — and in just one season, it’ll be tied with the OG „Law and Order“ for number of years on the air.

But the principal cast members aren’t the only ones worth your attention. Throughout its run, ‚SVU‘ featured countless guest actors, many who we’d now qualify as big-deal celebrities.

In some of the series‘ most memorable episodes, these stars play the villains and milk their camera time in the best possible ways. Here, are celebrities you probably forgot played villains on ‚SVU.‘

Kate Mara’s character is a gymnast.

Long before her starring turns on „House of Cards“ and „Pose,“ Kate Mara committed an especially heinous offense on season 2 episode „Pixies“ as Lori, a teenage gymnast responsible for killing a fellow student in the hopes of snagging her spot on an elite gymnastics team.

Henry Winkler’s role is a husband who steals money from his wife.

Since he became a household name as The Fonz on „Happy Days,“ Henry Winkler been gravitated toward comedic roles, like his recurring part on „Arrested Development“ and his supporting role on HBO’s „Barry.“ But in season 3’s „Greed,“ he crossed over to the dark side as the businessman husband of a rape victim who Benson and Stabler later discover has been falsifying his entire identity to scam his wife out of her money.

Elizabeth Banks plays a murderer.

Now super famous for her role as Effie Trinket in „The Hunger Games,“ Elizabeth Banks took on her SVU-perp part in the early years of her career. She starred alongside „Saved By The Bell“’s aka Mark-Paul Gosselaar in season 3’s „Sacrifice“ as Jaina, the porn-actress wife of Gosselaar’s fellow adult performer caught by the SVU detectives for killing the nefarious producer behind her career.

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