8 actors you probably didn't realize are actually American

peter dinklageThere have been a number of British and Australian actors that have done a phenomenal job convincing us that they’re American with their spot-on accents. But, the same can be said for a number of American and Canadian actors who’ve crossed the pond and perfected their English accents.

From „Lord of the Rings“ to „Bridget Jones Diary,“ some of these major Hollywood stars have had us all fooled with their expert on-screen dialects.

1. „Game of Thrones“ actor Peter Dinklage isn’t British.

Fans often forget that the infamous Lannister is an American through-and-through. In fact, Peter Dinklage was born-and-raised across the pond in New Jersey and has acted in his native accent prior to his spot on „GoT.“

2. Gillian Anderson has a near-perfect British accent.

„The Fall“ star Gillian Anderson has plenty of people fooled thanks to her spot-on British accent. But, the actress is American-born, although she spent a good portion of her childhood in England. Of course, fans of the „X-Files“ will remember Anderson’s very American accent.

3. Renée Zellweger isn’t an English girl after all.

Bridget Jones might hail from England, but the actress who portrays her is from Texas

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