8 of the rarest and most expensive beers around the world

beersThere are those who drink beer for fun and those who drink beer because it is a lifestyle. And of course, levels in between.

But the deeper you dive into the many different beers the world has to offer, the easier it is to see that many of them are extremely difficult to taste test. They are gems procured only by a lucky — albeit strategic and fanatic — few.

Kenny Gould, the founder of Hop Culture, an online magazine covering craft beer culture around the country, told INSIDER that the best way to understand how or why one type of beer is so rare or hard to find is to look at how it’s made.

Almost all of these rare beers are available exclusively at the brewery that produced them, though some have extra hoops to jump through; sometimes you need to win a lottery or be a part of the brewery’s membership club,“ Gould explained.

Take a look at a few of the most exclusive beers around the world, many of which are not considered just a drink, but more eloquently, a form of art.

The Toppling Goliath Brewing Company only makes 300-400 bottles of their famous Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout each year.

This beer is incredibly difficult to track down. The best chance of snagging a sip of one of these is by traveling to where it’s made in Deborah, Iowa, purchase limited to one bottle per person. It consistently receives high ratings, if not the top ratings, on beer Advocate and was recently elected as the number one beer in the world by The Daily Meal , describing the taste as a „massive maple aroma, followed by hints of chocolate and hazelnut.“

Try a beer brewed by the monks of the Saint Sixtus Abbey in Belgium.

„Historically, the world’s most exclusive beers came from the Trappist Abbey of Saint Sixtus in Vleteren, Belgium,“ Gould told INSIDER. The Brouwerij De Sint-Sixtusabdij van Westvleteren 12 (XII) is a carbonated beer with hints of fruit and brown sugar made on the premisses of the Saint Sixtus Abbey by the Trappist monks who are only allowed to brew enough each month to support themselves and no more.

Head to Stowe, Vermont, for a taste of the Heady Topper.

The Heady Topper is another one of those beers that you’ll have to travel for. The double IPA is The Alchemist’s flagship brew and is only sold on site and was recently voted the second best beer in the world on Rate Beer. Beer lovers from all over the world make the trip to Stowe, Vermont, to taste the pure hop flavor mixed with spices, orange and a hint of pine.

However, if you decide to go, you’ll have to be strategic about when you plan your trip because the Heady Topper often sells out quickly.

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