The best vegan-friendly restaurant in every state


If you’re a vegan lucky enough to live in a major metropolitan area, chances are, you’re already spoiled with a plethora of vegan or vegan-friendly places to eat in your area. But it’s 2018, and wherever you’re living, there’s bound to be somewhere you can grab something vegan to eat.

To prove our theory, we consulted with Yelp to find the best vegan restaurant in every state, based on number and quality of reviews.

Keep reading to find out if your regular spot is the best vegan eatery in your state – or to discover a new favorite.

ALABAMA: Delta Blues Hot Tamales in Birmingham

While not an all-vegan locale, Delta Blues Hot Tamales is notable for offering tamales, an unexpected Southern classic, in a vegan variety made with black beans. Also on offer for vegans are black bean tacos, hummus, and cobbler.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

ALASKA: Lunch Cafe & Eatery in Fairbanks

Lunch is a dairy-free (save for milk for coffee) casual spot that offers meat and eggs but does not fail to impress vegans who pass through. Options vary, ranging from salads and veggie burgers to breakfast burritos, and vegan pastries are regularly on offer.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

ARIZONA: Simon’s Hot Dogs in Scottsdale

The specialty at Simon’s is Colombian-style hot dogs – topped with pineapple, mozzarella, and potato chips – and other spins on various regional cuisines. While meat options are available, Simon’s is known for offering vegan dogs and veganized version of all toppings, including chili, cheese, and mayo.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

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