Aldi stores are getting a $5.3 billion update — and the result is almost unrecognizable


  • Aldi is spending $5.3 billion to build 800 new stores and remodel existing locations
  • I toured one of the newly remodeled stores, and it was a vastly different shopping experience from the older stores.
  • The biggest changes were in the fresh department, which was larger and offered a greater variety of organic produce.

Aldi is halfway through its $5.3 billion plan to build 800 new stores in the United States and update hundreds of existing locations. 

I toured a newly remodeled store in St. Charles, Illinois, this week, and it was nearly unrecognizable. 

Here’s what the new store looks like, compared to a couple of older stores in Richmond, Virginia:

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Aldi’s new and remodeled stores feature 20% more shopping space than the older stores. This newly remodeled store is 12,000 square feet.

Beige tiled floors helped brighten the interior of the store, along with additional lighting fixtures on the walls.

New, back-lit signs added color to the walls.

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Source: Business insider

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