The $1,000 smartphone showdown: Samsung's new Galaxy Note 9 vs. Apple's iPhone X

galaxy note 9 vs iphone x

Here it is, another smartphone that costs $1,000.

Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 9 on Thursday with the same price tag as the iPhone X, which is still a ridiculous asking price for a smartphone, if you ask me. But that four-figured price tag might be slightly more justifiable on the Galaxy Note 9.

After looking at the specs and features of both phones, it’s clear that you’re getting more „phone“ in the Galaxy Note 9 than you are with the iPhone X. 

Check out the major differences between the iPhone X and Galaxy Note 9 to see what I mean:

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Both have ultra-premium designs and are covered in glass: This one’s up to you.

Both are gorgeous devices, even if the Galaxy Note 9 has wider bezels on the top and bottom of the display. 

The Galaxy Note 9 is significantly heavier and larger than the iPhone X.

The Galaxy Note 9 weighs in at 201 grams and the iPhone X weighs 174 grams. That extra 25 grams will be noticeable. 

The overall size of the Galaxy Note 9 will also take up more space in your pockets and hands than the iPhone X. 

The Galaxy Note 9 has a larger and better screen.

The Galaxy Note 9’s massive 6.4-inch screen dwarfs the iPhone X’s 5.8-inch screen. 

Samsung also has the best displays in the smartphone business. Even though both phones share a similar type of OLED display, the Galaxy Note 9’s display is just stunning. It’s also slightly sharper than the iPhone X’s display at around 516 pixels per inch versus the iPhone’s 458 pixels per inch. But considering the size difference between the two phones‘ displays, the extra sharpness on the Galaxy Note 9 won’t be significantly noticeable. 

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