What people put on their toast in 10 countries around the world

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A piece of warm toast is a canvas for endless possibilities. Whether your appetite ranges from a savory meat and cheese dish to a deliciously sweet condensed milk fare, there’s a taste for everyone.

Here are some delicious things countries adorn their toast with around the world.

France is well-known for mastering the simple toast.

You’ll almost always find a warm baguette loaf in a traditional French breakfast. Your favorite bakery most likely sells out of them before the start of the workday. Residents of France typically dress their baguette with jam.

The Parisian pastry chef at Le Meurice, Cédric Grolet told Vogue, „The baguette is definitely classically French. The best way to eat it is to cut it in two, add some butter and jam — and a little chocolat chaud, too.“

In Singapore and Malaysia, kaya toast is the norm.

A staple in Singapore and Malaysia is kaya toast. To make the decadent toast, bread is sliced then either charcoal-grilled or toasted. Butter and kaya, a traditional jam made from coconut and eggs, are then spread on each slice and they are sandwiched together.  

If in Italy, try „fettunta.“

Fettunta from „fetta“ (slice) and „unta“ (oily) means an „oily slice.“ To make fettunta, bread is sliced then toasted. While still warm, it’s rubbed with garlic and sprinkled with sea salt and extra virgin olive oil. It’s essentially Italian garlic bread. 

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