This couple is traveling the world for free — here are 11 credit card hacks they used to save $62,000 and earn 2 million points

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Hannah and Chad Janis have shared a love of adventure since they met while attending Brigham Young University. So after a brief stint in New York City working in finance, they decided quit their jobs and travel the world — for free. 

Thanks to 42 credit cards that helped them earn 2 million points in one year, they’ve visited 18 countries (with many more on their itinerary) and saved a total of $62,000 on travel expenses.

But they’re not keeping their strategies to themselves. Chad designed an app called Wall Street Minimalist to help people track credit card rewards and find the best ways to score free flights. You can also follow their adventures on Instagram and YouTube as well as their website, Hannah and Chad.

Chad Janis spoke to INSIDER about their tried-and-true travel hacks that have earned them free trips.

Have a solid financial foundation.

Set yourself up for success before you dive into credit card churning and travel hacking. Janis recommends setting up a system of automated bank accounts that can save, invest, and pay bills so that the basics are covered.

„We recommend getting your financial system set up before you even try this,“ Janis told INSIDER.

Keep track of your credit score.

A credit score is calculated according to five factors: payment history, credit utilization, length of credit history, total accounts and credit mix, and new credit and credit inquiries.

A good credit score is crucial to successfully apply for new cards and reap new rewards. Janis recommends using Credit Karma to monitor this number.

„You can’t do anything or get more cards without that,“ he said.

Plan ahead to make the most out of miles and rewards.

Having thousands of miles on a domestic airline won’t help you if you decide that you want to take a trip overseas. If there’s somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit, choose a credit card with rewards, points, or miles that will help you get there. 

„Know ahead of time where you want to go and get cards that transfer to those places,“ he said. 

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