This big, heavy smartphone with a stylus was the perfect device for traveling

Galaxy Note 9

As most of us do, I brought along a smartphone for a vacation this summer. But I decided to try something different in selecting my electronic traveling companion and took the oversized Galaxy Note 9.

The Galaxy Note 9 is large and relatively heavy, which goes against the mantra of packing light tech for trips. I can easily understand why a smaller smartphone like the Pixel 2 would seem like a better choice, as it can do almost everything the Galaxy Note 9 can do in a smaller, lighter package. 

Yet, I found that the big, heavy Galaxy Note 9 was actually a fantastic device to bring along for trip with long flights, hiking, and for generally being a tourist.

Check out all the reasons why the Galaxy Note 9 was better than a smaller, lighter phone for traveling:

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The Galaxy Note 9’s large screen was enough to replace the iPad Mini I’d usually use to watch videos during a flight.

Just in case a long flight doesn’t have free movies and TV shows, I usually download a bunch of Netflix videos onto my iPad Mini 2. 

Butt as mini as the iPad Mini is, it’s still an extra item that I have to pull out of my bag and manage in a cramped flight. So for my most recent long-haul flight, I decided to try the Galaxy Note 9, which would be easily accessible in my pocket.  

The Galaxy Note 9’s 6.4-inch screen is only slightly smaller than the iPad Mini’s 7.9-inch display when you take into consideration the actual video and not the black bars that surround it on the iPad. Plus, it was nice to keep the iPad Mini in my bag and not have to worry about it during the flight. 

Its giant screen was also helpful for researching and planning activities, which I’d usually feel more comfortable doing on a laptop.

I usually prefer researching activities on a nice, large laptop screen that gives me plenty of room for multiple tabs, apps, and windows. But this time, I left my comfort zone and just used the Galaxy Note 9, mostly because it was always right there with me, whereas my laptop was still stowed away in my backpack. 

You’ll never get the same experience of a laptop on a smartphone, but the Galaxy Note 9’s large display made it easier to read and look at images than with smaller smartphones. I would always prefer a laptop’s display, but the convenience of the smartphone that’s always by my side is hard to beat. 

The Galaxy Note 9’s stylus also was a big help when I need to do more complex things on the screen

The Galaxy Note 9’s S Pen stylus made the biggest difference for researching on the Galaxy Note 9. Fingers are fine, but there were far fewer accidental taps and frustrations with the S Pen, and the task of doing more complex things on a smartphone was less daunting. I felt comfortable reaching for the Galaxy Note 9 instead of my laptop or iPad that were still packed in my backpack.

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