17 things we wish we knew before moving in with our partners

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Provided you’re in one for long enough, relationships are full of milestones. There’s „the talk,“ the first time you say „I love you,“ and meeting each other’s parents. Then there’s the point where you move in together.

Spending more time with the person you love can seem like a great idea on paper, but there’s also going to be a lot you didn’t predict. For instance, you’ll learn more about your partner’s bad habits, and you’ll realise how much you liked having your own space.

We asked millennials what they learned when they moved in with their significant other, and what they wish they’d known before taking the step. Unsurprisingly, many of them wanted to remain anonymous.

Below you’ll find their answers in a list of what to expect if you’re considering moving in with someone.

It’s definitely a learning curve.

1. You’ll learn more about each other

„I learnt family norms are definitely not norms for everyone. Although our cohabiting is a multicultural contrast, so at times we just learnt about our different ways of life, before knowing each other. [It] was a brilliant way to bond and grow with each other! I didn’t expect that to be such a positive!“ — Jessie, a nurse in Norwich.

2. You’ll accept each other’s habits.

„And after a while, those awkward habits happen and you learn to love them. Even the ones that gross you out.“ — Jessie.

„Girls are gross too. You will now find clumps of long hair stuck to the wall in your shower and hair clips in every nook and cranny in your house.“ — anon in London.

3. You’ll miss each other more when you’re apart

„The first week I was away from my boyfriend after moving in together felt really long and very strange. You quickly get used to always having them there.“ — anon in London.

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