6 signs the keto diet isn't actually working for you

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The keto diet has become a leading choice in dieting options as of late. Whether you’ve heard about it from your favorite celebrity or seen a friend show their results on social media, the conversation surrounded around all of the ways the keto diet can work seem to be endless. But like with anything, there are negatives connected to the keto diet, too.

So if you’ve started on your keto journey and notice that it may be ineffective or if you’re considering getting started, here are a few things you should keep an eye out for.

You are experiencing vitamin deficiency.

Being on the keto diet produces many positive results, but the side effects — though rarely focused on — exist, too. According to Dr. Robert Zembroski author of the health-focused book „Rebuild“ — one big (and least discussed) side effect is experiencing vitamin deficiency.

„Most high-protein and high-fat diets don’t permit a high intake of healthful carbohydrates from fruits and starchy vegetables,“ Zembroski said. „By omitting those carbs from your diet, you risk not taking in enough B vitamins (including folate), vitamin C, and fiber. These nutrients are vital for your body.“

You feel a high level of exhaustion.

Though it may be natural to feel tired when you first began any new health and fitness routine, Justin Blum — veteran fitness industry expert and CEO of Raw Fitness Franchise — said that if you’re exceeding the normal amount of grogginess, the keto diet may not be working well for you.

As the body goes through metabolic changes to reach ketosis, it is common to feel more tired during the first three to five days into the keto diet,“ he told INSIDER. „If this exhaustion continues, however, it can be a sign that the body needs more carbs and a more modified low-carb diet may be better suited.“

Getting a good night of sleep has become a problem.

It’s often said that getting on a new and regulated diet will improve or regulate your sleep pattern, but if the keto diet is not working for you, you’ll probably be dealing with the opposite.

Cutting carbs comes down to an individual response, however, thyroid disorders, high-stress hormone levels and other hormonal imbalance paired with the keto diet can prevent quality sleep,“ said Blum. „To prevent issues, don’t go to bed hungry and make sure to eat enough calories throughout the day. If poor sleep is continuing, consider adding carbs back into the diet routine.“


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