8 controversial reality shows that would never fly in 2018

i wanna marry harry

Because there are just so many TV shows, there’s also no shortage of TV shows that have gotten some serious flack, specifically reality TV.

The 21st century’s habits of pitting disagreeable people against each other, turning the camera on the loudest characters, and creating situations for single people to find love and acceptance create conflict that’s sometimes fun to watch and sometimes just unbearable for some people.

Not all reality TV is inherently bad, but here are some of the reality TV show concepts that would never fly in 2018.

„The Swan“ never should have existed.

In 2004, Fox premiered „The Swan“ where eight women were given extreme makeovers in order to go from „ugly ducklings“ to „swans.“ This included the use of coaches, personal trainers, and cosmetic surgeons for a head-to-toe plastic surgery makeover.

The end pageant featured an evening gown contest, a swimsuit contest, and a redundant lingerie competition. The winner would be given a modeling contract. Despite extreme backlash, the „most sadistic reality series of the decade“ garnered a second season.

Former contestants suffered from divorces, surgery problems, and serious mental health issues.

„Boy Meets Boy“ featured a cruel and homophobic twist.

The 2003 Bravo show was a same-sex dating style series like „The Bachelor,“ but a twist near the end revealed that half of the contestants were just pretending to be gay.

If Bachelor James Getzlaff’s final pick turned out to be straight, the straight contestant would win $25,000. But many people were concerned that the show would exploit and even put gay men in danger. 

„If what they want to do is make a documentary or explore social issues, they should do that,“ Derek Hartley, relationship writer at PlanetOut.com’s „Fantasy Island“ told the Advocate at the time. „What makes reality shows work is the delight in seeing people devolve to horrendous behavior toward one another. That’s what we’re watching for.“

„I Wanna Marry ‚Harry'“ didn’t work then and definitely wouldn’t work now.

Unknowing suitors competed for the heart of Prince Harry who was played by Prince Harry look-a-like, Matthew Hicks. It was canceled after just four episodes.

Although the women competed as if they were vying for the heart of the prince, the resemblance was flawed. NPR writer Linda Holmes pointed out that the show basically hung on the assumption that whatever woman won would be tricked and would be seen as a „gold digger.“

„The fantasy is comeuppance for vain, beautiful, terrible, greedy women,“ she wrote. „Oh, sure, Matt may wind up picking one of them and confessing he’s not a royal, and she may say, ‚Oh, that’s okay!‘ and leap into his arms,“ Holmes wrote. „But the real fantasy here lies in week after week watching as woman after woman reveals herself to be a grubbing, grasping, infantile harpy for wanting what the show is dangling in front of her, as well as a moron for believing it’s the truth.“

Today, if they wanted to repeat the format, they’d have to choose a different celeb, since the eponymous one is taken.

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