These are the 10 best stadiums for tailgating

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Football season is back, and there’s no better way to celebrate than by tailgating at your favorite stadium.

But which ones boast the best food and the most dedicated fans?

Keep scrolling to see our list, which we based on fan ratings, interviews, and national rankings.

Buffalo Bills, New Era Field — Orchard Park, New York

New Era Field sits in Orchard Park, New York, and is one of two NFL stadiums located in a rural town, which makes the experience of tailgating there much more personable. Most tailgaters have been loyal fans of the Bills for many years, and have all gotten to know each other through their love of football.

A standout at Buffalo Bills tailgates is „Hammer’s Lot,“ where a man called „Pinto Ron“ cooks bacon on a saw while standing on his car. He also uses a helmet to make stir-fry, and a bowling ball to dispense shots.

And, as the birthplace of wings, you can expect some pretty tasty ones here.

Green Pay Packers, Lambeau Field — Green Bay, Wisconsin

Lambeau Field is considered a historic landmark in the NFL — some even say that Packers fans coined the term tailgating.

It’s most famous for its Tundra Tailgate Zone, an area next to the stadium that, besides live music, food, and beer, featured giant monitors showing the games, meaning that tailgaters didn’t even need tickets.

In fact, the area was so popular it grew into the Johnsonville Tailgate Village.

Denver Broncos, Mile High Stadium — Denver, Colorado

Denver Broncos fans don’t mess around when it comes to tailgating, showing up in everything from converted school buses to limos, and brandishing everything from Broncos ice sculptures to shotskis.

They are also known to get creative, building covered patios on the back of their trucks, or „rooftop patios“ on top of buses.

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