Generation Zs reveal their 100 favorite brands

Doritos 8

  • Generation Zs were born after 1997.
  • They prefer brands that are healthy, socially-conscious, and connected with influencers on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat.
  • But many of their favorite brands are shared by older generations, too. 


Millennials, move aside. There’s a new generation advertisers are vying to reach: Generation Z.

Gen Zs are Americans born after 1997, and their short lives have been already been marked by the advent of mobile technology, social upheaval, and the Great Recession.

Ypulse, a New York-based youth marketing firm, interviewed 8,494 Gen Z consumers on 332 brands this year for its Ybrands survey. Then, the firm ranked those brands based on the consumers‘ awareness, past purchase, and loyalty, as well as their perceived personality and influence.

Bobby Calise, vice president of Ybrands, said these brands won over Gen Z because of their ability to convince young adults of their coolness and momentum. 

More unique to Gen Z, Calise said, is their preference to buy from brands with expressed stances on social causes. 

„In the past, brands might have considered playing it safe for fear of alienating some of its customer base,“ Calise told Business Insider. „But in today’s social and political climate, it’s arguably riskier not to take a risk — even if it’s a calculated one — when it comes to brands taking stands.“

Ypulse shared the final ranking with Business Insider. Here are the top 100 brands that Gen Z adore: 

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100. KFC

Why it’s popular: KFC launched a plan in 2015 to boost quality across its US restaurants — revamping the menu, retraining employees, and remodeling. That venture focused not on making KFC a health food magnate, but on its core business of quality fried chicken

99. Jif

Why it’s popular: While there are plenty of new competitors in the peanut butter market, Jif still has the largest brand share. The brand also has created new snacks and partnered with Hilary Duff on its natural peanut butter line

98. Buffalo Wild Wings

Why it’s popular: While millennials and Gen Zs alike don’t frequent fast casual chains, Buffalo Wild Wings has a different take on dining out by allowing patrons to customize their meal with different sauces. 

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Source: Business insider

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