9 serial killers from around the world you may not have heard of

Andrei Chikatilo

Everyone in the US knows about Jeffrey DahmerTed Bundy, and Aileen Wuornos. But serial killers exist beyond the US.

From the „Butcher of Rostov“ to the „Little Old Lady Killer,“ these are nine of the most terrifying killers from around the world that Americans may never have heard of.

Editor’s note: A warning some of these accounts feature graphic depictions of violence, sexual abuse, and murder.

Andrei Chikatilo killed 52 people in the USSR.

Andrei Chikatilo, also known as „The Butcher of Rostov,“ was convicted of killing 52 people while terrorizing the Soviet Union from 1978 to 1990. Andrei Tkachenko, a psychiatrist from Moscow’s Serbsky Institute, theorized to the Moscow Times that it was his impotence that lead him to kill

The former teacher was found guilty of raping and murdering 21 boys aged 8 to 16, 14 girls aged 9 to 17, and 17 older women in Russia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

It wasn’t only the murders that were gruesome but how they were conducted. Police photographs showed that Chikatilo mutilated his victims and had their eyes gouged out.

He was arrested in 1990 and executed in 1994, according to the New York Times.

Luis Garavito was a serial killer in Colombia.

Widely believed to be one of the worst killers in history, authorities said Luis Garavito aka „La Bestia“ originally admitted to murdering around 140 children and teenagers in Colombia between 1992 and 1999, according to the BBC (the figure would later reach over 200). He consistently targeted boys between the ages of 8 to 16 years old.

Utilizing disguises varying from priest to drug dealer, Garavito was said to have lured the boys into trusting him before he struck. He frequently left their bodies in mass graves that were later discovered by investigators.

Since Colombia has no death penalty and Garavito helped the police find more victims‘ bodies, his sentence of 1,853 years and nine days was reduced from the maximum under the Colombian law of 60 years to just 22 years, according to Caracol Radio. 

Pedro Rodrigues Filho was an infamous Brazilian serial killer.

According to Rolling Stone, Pedro Rodrigues Filho, or „killer Petey,“ was responsible for the deaths of at least 70 people and killed his first victim when he was 14.

Filho claimed to have killed over 100 people, including 47 people while in prison and even his own father. He was first arrested on May 24, 1973, but was released in 2007 after 34 years in prison. He was re-arrested (for unrelated crimes) in 2011 and according to recent reports, he’s still in prison.

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