Melania Trump fed elephants, visited with orphans and wore a hat reminiscent of colonialism on the fourth day of her African tour

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  • On the fourth day of her African tour, first lady Melania Trump bottle-fed elephant calves, went on a safari, visited an orphanage, and had tea with Kenya’s first lady. 
  • She received some criticism on Twitter for wearing riding boots and a pith helmet that evoked the colonial era of Africa’s history. 
  • Video also showed a Secret Service agent running to her aid when a baby elephant started charging toward her. 

First lady Melania Trump had a dramatic fourth day on her African tour. 

She touched down in Kenya on Thursday night for the third stop of her six-day visit, her first major solo international trip as first lady. 

She spent her first full day in the country on Friday bottle-feeding elephants, going on safari, visiting orphans, having tea with the Kenyan first lady and taking in a performance at the Nairobi National Theatre. 

The day was eventful in more ways than one. First, the first lady was nearly trampled by a baby elephant. Then she was ridiculed on Twitter for wearing a pith helmet, a look typical of turn-of-the-century imperialists, to go on safari. 

First lady Melania Trump kicked off the fourth day of her African tour with a visit to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Source: AFP

She was given the opportunity to bottle-feed and pet orphaned elephant calves during the visit.

Source: AP

At one point, one of the calves started charging the first lady, which caused her to lose her balance.

Source: Pulse Live Kenya

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