9 reasons you should buy the smaller iPhone XS instead of the iPhone XS Max (AAPL)

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Apple unveiled three new iPhones this year: the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.

While the iPhone XR is in a league of its own — it doesn’t even go on sale until the end of October — the iPhone XS and XS Max are considered the true successors to last year’s iPhone X, which featured a total redesign that removed the traditional home button in favor of a facial recognition system and an edge-to-edge OLED display.

But if you’re considering the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max, which is the right phone for you?

Here are 9 reasons to choose the smaller iPhone XS instead of the larger iPhone XS Max:

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1. The iPhone XS is more affordable than the iPhone XS Max.

Price is probably the biggest consideration for most people, and the iPhone XS has the larger XS Max beat when it comes to value.

The iPhone XS starts at $999 for 64 GB of storage, but can cost up to $1,349 for 512 GB of storage.

The iPhone XS Max starts at $1,099 for 64 GB of storage, but can cost up to $1,449 for 512 GB of storage.

To be clear, 512 gigabytes is an extraordinary amount of storage — I have over 200 apps on my iPhone X, plus tons of old texts and photos, and I’m only using 62 of my 64 total gigabytes of space (having 100 GB of iCloud storage helps there, but that only costs $0.99 a month).

So, you’ll save at least $100 by choosing the iPhone XS instead of the larger Max model. One hundred dollars may not seem like much, but keep in mind, you’ll also want to buy a handful of crucial accessories like cases and insurance plans on top of the cost of the phone, so these costs do add up.

2. The iPhone XS has the the same display quality as the iPhone XS Max, but in a size that’s more manageable for most people.

The iPhone XS and XS Max both feature the same OLED „Super Retina“ display from last year’s iPhone X — the same pixel density, same contrast ratio, same everything.

The only difference, screen-wise, between the iPhone XS and the XS Max, is the size. You’re not losing out on quality.

For most people, the size of the iPhone XS is going to be more manageable. The iPhone XS Max might be perfect for people with large hands, or people who don’t mind using their phone with two hands, since many reviews have noted that one-handed use is not very easy.

The iPhone XS, on the other hand, is much more manageable in terms of overall size, and still has a bigger display than most iPhones that came before it, including last year’s iPhone 8 Plus.

3. The iPhone XS is lighter than the iPhone XS Max.

You might not consider weight when purchasing a new phone, but it matters. You’ll be carrying this device around all day in your hand, pocket, or bag, and you’ll be lifting this thing and holding it to your face several dozen times a day. Weight matters.

The iPhone XS is 6.24 ounces, or 177 grams.

The iPhone XS Max is 7.34 ounces, or 208 grams.

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