The 38 coolest women in UK tech

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This week Business Insider published the 2018 UK Tech 100 — a ranking of the 100 coolest people in the UK tech scene.

It celebrates the vibrant array of people working to scale companies, develop exciting new research, and shed light on the latest advances (and scandals) in the industry.

As well as the main ranking, Business Insider is highlighting the women doing extraordinary work in the UK technology sector. There are 38 of them in total and they are ranked below in ascending order.

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38. Sharon White, Ofcom CEO has tech in her sights

Sharon White is a regulator who commands respect in the media industry.

She has taken BT to task over improving the UK’s high-speed broadband network, as well as taking on a huge new role in keeping the BBC in check.

And it looks like firms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google are now in her sights. In an article for The Times in July, White said the „argument for independent regulatory oversight“ over these firms „has never been stronger.“

She followed this up with a speech last month, in which she outlined a proposal to impose financial penalties on social media firms that fail to remove offensive content in a timely manner.

With the government poised to set out its position on internet safety in a white paper this year, Ofcom could well be handed even more powers.

Headcount: 868

37. Hadley Beeman, the NHS’s brand new head of tech

Hadley Beeman was brought on board by health secretary Matt Hancock to modernise the workings of the NHS.

She divides her time between advising the government and working on the architecture of the world wide web with Sir Tim Berners-Lee and others at the World Wide Web Consortium.

In other words: No one could accuse her of not thinking big picture.

Twitter:  @hadleybeeman

36. Emily Spaven, a veteran journalist trying to shake up LinkedIn

Emily Spaven is a veteran British technology journalist — from working as managing editor of cryptocurrency news site CoinDesk to calling the shots at UKTN, a UK-focused tech outlet.

But a little over a year ago she took on a new challenge, and became the UK News Editor for LinkedIn, the Microsoft-owned professional network, where she now works on the UK Daily Rundown news service and is, in her words, „on a mission to increase the amount of quality content and conversations on LinkedIn.“ She is currently on maternity leave.

Headcount: 11,900 (across all of LinkedIn)
Twitter: @emilyspaven

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