The top 10 countries that bought Russia's most powerful weapons in 2017

india t-90 tank

Russia exported approximately $15 billion worth of weapons to 53 countries around the world in 2017, AFP reported in February, citing Alexander Mikheev, the CEO of Rosoboronexport.

About $6.14 billion of that $15 billion was of major weaponry, including military aircraft, ships, armored vehicles, guided munitions, and more, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. 

SIPRI is an independent research group that collects detailed data on major weapons transfers, including the countries they’re exported to and imported from. Nearly $4 billion of the $6.14 billion exported was of military aircraft, SIPRI reported. 

While SIPRI’s data doesn’t include unguided munitions, small arms, and other equipment, it’s „pretty representative“ of which countries are buying the most weaponry as a whole from Russia, Siemon Wezeman, a senior researcher at SIPRI, told Business Insider. 

Here are the 10 countries that bought the most major weaponry from Russia in 2017:

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10. Bangladesh

Amount purchased: $93 million

Some major purchases: In 2015, Bangladesh purchased six Mi-8MT/Mi-17 transport helicopters, which were delivered in 2017, SIPRI reported. In 2017, Bangladesh purchased five more, which have yet to be delivered. 

In 2014, Bangladesh purchased 340 Russian BTR-80 APCs, all of which were delivered in 2016-2017. 

Source: SIPRI

9. Azerbaijan

Amount purchased: $128 million

Some major purchases: In 2011, Azerbaijan purchased 36 TOS-1 self-propelled multiple rocket launchers, all of which were delivered in 213-2017. 

In 2016, Azerbaijan purchased 70 Russian BTR-82A infantry fighting vehicles, 40 of which were delivered in 2017. 

Source: SIPRI

8. Belarus

Amount purchased: $145 million

Some major purchases: In 2015, Belarus purchased 12 Mi-8MT/Mi-17 transport helicopters, which were delivered in 2016-2017, SIPRI reported. In 2017, Belarus purchased 12 Su-30MK fighter jets, which are expected to be delivered in 2019-2020.

In 2017, Belarus also purchased 100 Russian Tor missile systems in 2017, and was delivered four T-72B3 tanks.

Belarus is part of the Russia-led Collective Security Treaty Organization, and Russia even used the recent Zapad 2017 military exercises to test how well the Belarusian army would come under its direct control if war breaks out with the West.

Source: SIPRI

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Source: Business insider

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