17 mouth-watering pies from around the world that you'll want to try immediately

key lime pie

Pie is pretty much the definition of comfort food. In fact, nearly every culture has its own unique take on this universal dish.

From savory meat-filled recipes to open-faced tarts that will satisfy your sweet tooth, check out 17 delicious pies from around the world that’ll make your mouth water.

Bobotie pie, which hails from South Africa, offers a mix of fruit and meat.

Bobotie pie is a traditional South African dish that’s typically made of minced meat, dried fruit or chutney, and curry — topped off with an egg custard or pastry.

Pie de limón is a popular dessert in Chile.

Pie de limón is a simple treat with a sweet biscuit base and lemon or lime filling, according to this recipe featured in „Tea Time,“ a documentary by POV that follows five Chilean women who have gathered monthly for 60 years.

The filling, which is often made with sweetened condensed milk in Chile, is typically topped with whipped cream or meringue. 

Torta pasqualina is usually served on Easter and special occasions in Italy.

According to Bon Appétit, torta pasqualina is typically stuffed full of Swiss chard, ricotta cheese, and a whole egg baked into the crust.

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