21 surprising facts that you probably didn't know about 'Friends'

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Even if you weren’t tuned in way back in 1994, these days, it’s highly possible you’ve seen at least one episode of „Friends.“ The series — which recently celebrated 24 years since its debut — is still watched (or binged) and loved around the world. But even the most passionate „Friends“ fans might not know all of the show’s behind-the-scenes secrets.

For instance: did you that there was a reason the group was always able to snag their Central Perk couch? Or that a member of N*Sync was nearly a guest star? It’s time to learn a few little-known „Friends“ facts … and maybe ace some „Friends“ trivia in the near future.

„Friends“ wasn’t the first name choice for the show.

It actually had a number of working titles — Insomnia Cafe, Six of One, and Friends Like Us — before it was shortened to the single-word name, according to NBC.

Courteney Cox wanted to play Monica, but was originally offered the role of Rachel.

Nancy McKeon, from „The Facts of Life“ fame, was considered for Monica, according to E! while both Jane Lynch and Kathy Griffin auditioned for the role of Phoebe, according to The Washington Post.

Two of the main cast members almost missed out on the show because they were signed onto other projects.

Matthew Perry was starring in a FOX pilot called „LAX 2194,“ which was about alien baggage handlers in the year 2194, while Jennifer Aniston had auditioned for six pilots that year and was waiting to see if one, called „Muddling Through,“ would be picked up. Neither show ended up making it, but, unfortunately, Jennifer was still waiting for the news by the time the cast took their photos, so she had to sit out for a few — just in case, according to People magazine.

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