9 chefs revealed their favorite jarred pasta sauces

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No matter how prolific you are in the kitchen, experiencing weeknight dinner burnout is inevitable, especially if you’re having an especially draining week. Forget toying around with that last recipe in your meal kit or attempting the fancily plated salmon dinner you’ve been fantasizing about posting on Instagram all night, cut yourself a break with a boil, drain and stir night.

That is, make a pot of pasta, stir in some jarred sauce, and just call it. Chefs have a reputation for being anti pre-prepared-anything, but when real life comes into play, a backup jar of pasta sauce is a necessary and yes, tasty, pantry staple to help whip up dinner when you’re just not feeling like a prolific dinner genius.

Tuck in your napkin bib, because chefs shared the sauces they most highly recommend for lazy nights in.  


„I’m a fan of Colavita pasta sauce. I like its smooth texture and robust tomato flavor without all the additional dried herbs and spice that often are heavy-handed in some other brands,“ Claudia Sidoti, head chef and recipe developer at HelloFresh, told INSIDER. „It’s a great base and makes it easy to jazz up with some fresh basil or a little kick from chili flakes.“


Rao’s jarred sauce is always my favorite when putting together a quick meal at home,“ chef Christian Petroni of Fortina told INSIDER. „I always keep homemade stuffed shells in my freezer. One of my favorite things is whipping those baby’s up with a jar of Rao’s sauce. Throw it in the oven, comes out delicious and beautiful. It is too good!“


„Patsy’s sauces are made from the freshest, most mouth-watering ingredients in small batches to ensure quality, and slowly simmered to perfection in the traditional family way,“ said Chef Sal Scognamillo of Patsy’s Italian Restaurant (yes, he may be a little biased, but he says this jar really is his go-to when he’s not making the sauces himself in the restaurant.) „The sauces are 100% natural with no preservatives or sugar added.  The sauce in the pot is exactly the same as the sauce in the jar.“

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