I visited the Amazon Spheres, an indoor rainforest in the heart of Seattle — here's what it's like inside (AMZN)

Amazon Spheres

A rainforest is thriving in one of the most unlikely places: Amazon’s campus in downtown Seattle. 

It’s called the Spheres, and it’s a trio of massive glass domes that sit amid Amazon’s business center. The Spheres are intended to serve as a space for Amazon employees to work and collaborate with their colleagues, all while relaxing among flora and fauna from across the globe. 

The Spheres officially opened earlier this year and are part of the $4 billion construction of Amazon’s Seattle headquarters. 

Business Insider got a chance to wander around the Spheres during a recent visit to Seattle. Here’s what they’re like inside. 

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The Spheres sit adjacent to Amazon’s Day 1 tower, a 521-foot-tall skyscraper in the heart of downtown Seattle. There are technically three spheres, although they’re all fused together.

The largest sphere, the one in the middle, is 90 feet high and 130 feet wide. Amazon used 620 tons of steel, 12 million pounds of concrete, and 2,642 glass panes to build the Spheres.

Source:  Business Insider

Amazon broke ground on the building in June 2015, and it took nearly two and a half years to complete.

Source: Amazon

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Source: Business insider

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