4 details you may have missed in the live-action 'Aladdin' teaser trailer

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Disney released its first teaser trailer for the much-anticipated live-action adaptation of „Aladdin.“ The teaser shows us our first look at the Cave of Wonders and the penniless teen who gets transformed into a prince. 

INSIDER rounded up a few details fans may have missed while watching the trailer the first time around, including a first look at the movie’s villain. „Aladdin,“ directed by Guy Ritchie, will be in theaters Friday, May 24, 2019.

The trailer opens up with a new version of „Arabian Nights,“ which is the song that kicks off the animated movie.

Original composer Alan Menken has returned to do new versions of the movie’s original songs. The teaser opens up with a preview of „Arabian Nights.“ You can tell it’s the song by the time the words „from Disney“ appear on screen.

In the animated movie, the song is performed by a character named The Peddler. Though Bruce Adler performed the song, Robin Williams voiced the character. Williams also is known for voicing the Genie in the original movie.

A lot of people were wondering whether or not Jafar’s trusty parrot Iago would be in the movie, but we got our first glimpse of him a few times.

We still don’t know if Aladdin’s little monkey friend, Abu, will be in the movie, but we’re glad to have Iago. 

Disney’s official synopsis and cast did not list anyone voicing Iago, but we’d love to see Gilbert Gottfried back. That is, if Iago even speaks in the new movie.

Jafar is in the trailer, too.

When the teaser shows a quick glimpse of the Cave of Wonders, which Aladdin heads into, you can see a man to the far left holding a staff. You can bet that’s the Sultan’s key advisor, Jafar, from his stance and the unmistakable feather from his turban.

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