40 beloved snacks you'll never be able to eat again

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  • Many snacks, sodas, and candies that were once hugely popular have been discontinued.
  • Many of the products, like Altoids Sours, were discontinued because sales were poor or the product was unpopular.
  • Some products, like Lemon Ice Gatorade and Keebler Magic Middles, have fan-made Facebook pages or petitions demanding they be brought back.
  • Some of these petitions and Facebook pages actually work. Planters Cheez Balls were discontinued in 2006, but after hearing fans‘ pleas for over a decade, Planters announced that the beloved snack would be making a return on July 1.

These food and drink items used to grace the pantry shelves of many American households. But their glory days have passed, and now they have been discontinued.

An old Reddit thread explored the items that people are most nostalgic for, so we decided to do our own research on some of Americans‘ most beloved lost brands. 

Some soda varieties just didn’t click with consumers. There are also many lost fast-food and snack items. Sometimes, fans of these discontinued snacks and sodas, like Lemon Ice Gatorade or Keebler Magic Middles, take action, starting online petitions or Facebook pages demanding their favorite snacks be brought back. 

While it may seem silly, sometimes the Facebook pages and pleas for ’90s junk food actually work. Earlier this year, Planters announced that its beloved Cheez Balls would be making a return on July 1, 12 years after they were discontinued. They will be available at select stores and online.

Here are some other snacks fans are hoping will make a comeback:

Ashley Lutz contributed reporting to an earlier version of this story.

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Altoids‘ Tangerine Sours were discontinued in 2010 because demand was low and sales were falling.

Source: Bustle

Butterfinger BB’s were mini peanut butter and chocolate candy balls. They were discontinued in 2006.

Source: The Daily Meal

Black Pepper Jack Doritos were released about a decade ago and discontinued around 2008.

Source: MSN

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