9 scary things that can happen when you pop your own pimples

Popping pimpleThere’s one piece of advice that nearly everyone hears during their teenage years: don’t pop your pimples. But do you actually know what the consequences might be for picking at that blemish?

Here are a few startling things that can happen if you don’t resist the urge to pop your pimples.

First of all, here’s what a pimple actually is.

In most cases, a pimple crops up when a pore becomes blocked with excess oil and dead skin cells, both of which feed the growth of bacteria and cause a small infection in the pore.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, there are actually a few different kinds of pimples. One common type is called a pustule. This is the kind with a red or pink inflamed border and a yellow or white center. As the name implies, pustules contain pus. This is the substance that comes out when you pop a pimple.

Other types of pimples include blackheads, whiteheads, papules, nodules, and cysts. Blackheads are actually open at the top and are generally not inflamed. Papules are closed and can be hard and red, while nodules and cysts lie deep beneath the skin and are often painful.

It’s rare, but popping a pimple might actually kill you.

Though it sounds too weird to be real, dermatologists advise patients to never pop a pimple in the so-called „danger triangle.“ This is the area that extends from the corners of your mouth to the bridge of your nose.

Why is prodding a blemish in this area so risky? According to Healthline, the blood vessels in this particular zone are actually connected to areas of the skull where infections can spread quickly and become serious.

„If there were a serious skin infection in this area that went untreated, and then subsequently tracked back to the brain, it could theoretically prove fatal,“ Jeremy Brauer, MD, clinical assistant professor in the department of dermatology at NYU Langone Medical Center, told Men’s Health.

Though dermatologists believe that the likelihood of a lethal infection arising from a popped pimple is pretty slim, there’s no harm in trying extra hard to avoid any self-surgery in the „danger triangle.“  

You’re probably not getting all the pus out.

Squeezing a pimple might result in a satisfying release of its contents, but dermatologists caution that you’re likely leaving some of the gross stuff behind.

According to Verywell Health, putting pressure on a pimple inadvertently forces debris from the pore deeper into the follicle. Even worse, this sometimes causes the follicle to rupture and spill infected pus into the lower level of your skin.

This means that even if you see material emerging from the top of your pimple and the pore looks clear, you may have trapped infected goo deep within your skin.

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