Here comes JPMorgan earnings…. (JPM)

jamie dimon

JPMorgan is scheduled to release third-quarter earnings a little before 7am Friday. 

Here’s what analysts are expecting: 

  • Revenue: $27.4 billion
  • Expenses: $15.7 billion
  • Adjusted net income: $7.67 billion
  • Adjusted EPS: $2.26 a share. 
  • Net interest margin: 2.5%
  • What to watch for:
    • The outlook for loan growth, with higher interest rates potentially crimping demand for some products like mortgages. 
    • The final capital markets tally for the third quarter, and management’s outlook for the end of the year, which will include the last few days‘ activity when stock markets tumbled. 
    • Details on the bank’s expansion into new markets and recent launch of consumer-banking products Sapphire Banking (named after its successful credit card of the same name) and You Invest, the stock-trading app with free commissions. 
    • Net interest margins. While interest rates have been going up with the Fed’s rate hikes, the yield curve has remained flat. That keeps a lid on any expansion in bank lending margins. 

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Source: Business insider

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