Mother shows her black and blue bruises after shielding her baby from a horrific hail storm in Australia

Fiona Simpson

  • A mother and her baby got caught in a brutal „supercell“ hailstorm which ripped roofs from homes swept across northern Queensland in Australia on Thursday.
  • Fiona Simpson, the mother, was beaten black and blue by hail stones while shielding her baby and she posted pictures on Facebook.
  • The storm was so fierce it smashed clean through two of her car windows. 
  • „I’m just a mum, you do anything you can to protect your child no matter what, even at your own expense and I would do it again,“ she said.

An Australian mother was left with horrific bruises and cuts after shielding her baby Clara from a pelting hail storm on Thursday.

Fiona Simpson from Kingaroy, Queensland shared photos of her injuries on Facebook:

fiona simpson bruises

Simpson told ABC News she was driving home and was forced to pull over near Nanango, eastern Australia, as unrelenting hail made driving impossible. 

The storm didn’t pass by quickly and it got so intense two of her car windows were smashed in by the hail stones.

She said she had to protect her baby, who was left alone in the back seat. „I’m just a mum,  you do anything you can to protect your child no matter what, even at your own expense and I would do it again,“ she to ABC.

„I jumped over the back seat, over her car seat, holding my body over hers.“ 

She said the storm was so loud she couldn’t hear her baby scream over the sound of pummeling hail. 

Simpson waited out the rest of the hail storm by hiding her baby in the driver-side footwell, but the hail kept coming in.

Her 78-year-old grandmother was also in the car. 

Queensland storm

In the Facebook post on Thursday she said: „I’ve learned my lesson today, never drive in a hail storm! I covered my infant with my body to stop her from getting badly injured.“

This video from Severe Weather Australia shows the Queensland storm in full swing:

ABC reported roofs were ripped from homes and sheds, orchards decimated, and livestock took fright after the supercell storm tore through the area.

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