Spooky photos of Disney parks during Halloween prove that it's the best time to go

disney halloween

What better way to celebrate Halloween than by doing it at the most magical place on Earth?

Disney is known for its festiveness, and Halloween is no exception. At locations around the world, Disney goes all out for the spooky holiday. From the decorations to parades, shows, and fireworks, Disney in the fall is extra magical.

Take a look at how Halloween is celebrated at all the Disney locations around the world.

Disney World gets very festive around Halloween.

If you’ve ever seen what Disney looks like during Christmas, you know that they take their holiday spirit very seriously.

Each Disney location goes all out for Halloween, decorating the entire park for the spooky holiday, and letting Disney villains prowl the premises.

Decorations are up from August to October.

The whole place gets totally transformed, especially after dark.

When the sun goes down, spooky colors light up the park, and ghosts and pumpkins are projected on buildings. The most magical place on Earth becomes the spookiest place on Earth.

Rides get a spooky Halloween makeover…

Disney puts Halloween themed overlays on their rides to make the experience all the more seasonal. A ride through the Haunted Mansion is peppered with Jack O‘ Lanterns, Space Mountain has a new soundtrack sure to creep you out, and scary pirates literally raid the „Pirates of the Caribbean“ ride.

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