The 12 actors behind terrifying movie villains

bill skarsgard pennywise the clown

There’s something terrifying about a villain that’s no longer recognizable as a human. From Pennywise the Clown in „It“ to Leatherface in „The Texas Chainsaw Massacre“ series, the following characters are so scary looking it makes you forget there’s a real actor portraying them. 

Here are 12 actors you didn’t know played your favorite, or least favorite, movie villains. 

Behind the makeup, „The Exorcist’s“ demon Pazuzu was really a young actress named Linda Blair.

According to the Washington Post, legendary special effects makeup artist Dick Smith took the lead on bringing Pazuzu to life — along with his then-assistant, Rick Baker.

To round out the terror and do practical effects for things that Blair simply couldn’t do — such as turn her head around a full 360 degrees — SFX man Marcel Vercoutere built a robotic stand-in for Blair, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Although you couldn’t recognize him, Robert Englund played Freddy Krueger in „A Nightmare on Elm Street.“

Starting back at the beginning with makeup artist David Miller and gaining perhaps his most famous look with Crypt Keeper and „Chucky“ creator Kevin Yagher, the character of Freddy was even featured in his own makeup documentary called Nightmares in the Makeup Chair,“ reported IGN. 


Dr. William Weir from „Event Horizon“ is really the actor Sam Neill.

VFX company Cinesite was responsible for many of the most disturbing visual aspects of the film — including the scene where Sam Neill’s eyes are completely gouged out.

Cinesite’s Sue Rowe described one of her favorite memories of working on this film for VFXblog:

„Charlie Tait and Dave Houghton were fresh out of animation college back then and they took on this shot. They used a cheap flatbed scanner to scan a cabbage leaf and a raw steak combo to make the interior eye sockets. One day my Mum came to the office to see what her ‚little girl‘ was up to in this new crazy film industry and she saw us working on this shot. Charlie was adding blood pulsing out of the eyes — she ran out of the office screaming. I was actually pretty proud of the extra attention to detail. I heard that the director loved it!“

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Source: Business insider

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