These 7 photos of nighttime missions show how the US military fights at night

Soldiers of the 2nd Calvary Regiment engage targets during a live fire exercise in Vaziani, Georgia during Exercise Noble Parter in August 2018. The exercise supports and enhances interoperability of Georgian and US forces.

  • For members of the US military, „Train like you fight“ isn’t just a saying — it’s the way they steel themselves to peform tough tasks under fire.
  • Troops don’t get to choose when to fight, so they have to be prepared to operate at any time and in any location. 
  • Although nighttime operations and exercises are riskier, they are imperative for troops, especially those in special operations or who serve in combat zones.
  • These photos show just a glimpse of the types of operations the US military trains for at night.

Fast roping over the deck of a moving warship is hard enough during the day—see what it looks like at night.

Paratroopers perform night-vision airdrops during multinational exercises.

Soldiers don’t get to choose when they’ll have to fight, so they train to be ready anytime.

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Source: Business insider

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