11 of the greatest TV dogs of all time

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Research has shown that humans are more empathetic to dogs than their fellow humans. It could be because we see dogs as part of the family, rather than just pets.

It’s no surprise, then, that dogs have become some of the most beloved television characters as well. Some are cartoon animals who have the ability to speak with their owners and walk on two legs. Others, like Lassie, were played by canine actors who became celebrities in their own rights.

From sardonic pup Brian Griffin on „Family Guy“ to beloved doghouse snoozer Snoopy, these television dogs have captured viewers‘ hearts.

Wishbone was the ultimate companion for ’90’s book lovers.

PBS Kids‘ „Wishbone“ starred a Jack Russell terrier who would insert himself into different literary adventures.

On the show, Wishbone explored the stories of famous books from history, meeting characters including Sherlock Holmes, Hercules, Tom Sawyer, and Robin Hood.

The canine actor’s real name was Soccer, but he had three stunt doubles, Phoebe, Slugger, and Shiner, and a publicity double named Bear.

No collie will ever be as famous and beloved as Lassie.

The 1950’s were big for heroic dog characters, and Lassie was the biggest of them all. The fearless collie saved the day over and over, and has become a major part of popular culture. 

Played by Pal, Lassie’s first appearance in „Lassie Come Home“ had her traveling across Scotland to return to her rightful home.

Her television show lasted 19 seasons, making it one of the longest scripted prime time television shows in American history.

Scooby-Doo loved Scooby snacks almost as much as he loved Shaggy and the mystery gang.

The canine part of the crew made everyone want a Great Dane to help them solve spooky crimes.

This dog didn’t contribute too much to catching the villains, but was more often trying to escape them through a series of doors .

The cartoon premiered in 1969 and is still around today, with multiple movies and reboots under its belt.

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