14 things to do in an airport if your flight is delayed this holiday season

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Let’s face it: holiday travel is the worst. The ticket prices rise, the lines are extra long, and often — due to the sheer volume of travelers — flights are delayed.

But a delay doesn’t have to lead to boredom. Many airports across the US have activities and features designed to entertain weary travelers. For example, the Denver International Airport offers a free ice rink during the winter months, and the San Francisco International Airport has an Instagram-famous therapy pig to cuddle. 

Keep scrolling to discover more fun things you can do while waiting for your delayed flight this holiday season.

Go ice skating.

If you’re in Denver for the holidays — or rather, you’re stranded in the Denver International Airport for a few hours — and you’re tired of sitting around, you can go ice skating.

The airport offers an outdoor plaza ice rink during the winter months, open daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. from November 23. The best part? It’s free.

Take in some art.

Many airports have art installations and cool architectural features that go unnoticed by the average hurried traveler.

If you’re stuck in an airport for a while, why not check out your surroundings and see if you can discover something beautiful? The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has over 65 pieces of art, from paintings to sculptures to murals. You can download the STQRY app for a self-guided walking tour of SEA’s art while you wait.

Snuggle a pig.

LAX has something called a Pets Unstressing Passengers program (PUP) designed for people who are overwhelmed by the holiday crowds. Trained therapy dogs and handlers roam the departures area of several gates at the airport, offering comfort, cuddles, and relaying information about the airport and some of its other programs.

But one of the most unique animal therapy experiences takes place at the San Francisco International Airport, which is home to a therapy pig named Lilou that dresses up in costumes to ease passengers‘ anxiety. Her Instagram is super popular.

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