20 of the most stylish couples on TV

Carrie and Big Sex and the City

We’ve all been made to envy couples on television — maybe for their romance, their on-and-off dynamic, their caring abilities. But sometimes the most oggle-worthy part of a fictional relationship is how couples manage to pull off amazing fashion. 

We rounded up some couples who deserve some props for their fashion chops. 

Charlotte and Trey from „Sex and the City“ didn’t end up together, but they did always look great.

A couple full of their own number of quirks, Charlotte and Trey showed they at least had a penchant for dressing right for any occasion. Despite a string of strange occurrences (one that included a cardboard baby), this couple never let others see them sweat in terms of dressing up for every occasion.

Danny and Mindy from „The Mindy Project“ were quirky and fashionable in their own ways.

This dysfunctional, on-and-off couple had the style to match.

Mindy was a fan of loud, fun prints — just like her personality, and Danny kept things classic with muted colors and lots of button-down shirts.

But just like them, their styles always worked perfectly together.

Seth and Summer from „The O.C.“ rocked that classic early 2000s California style.

A lovable match-up between the nerd and the popular girl, this couple was quintessential Cali cool. The pairing finally got together after years of living next door. But throughout their couple arc, they always kept up appearances in the romance departments, especially on big holidays, where they notched up their outfit choices and general cuteness to 10.

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