50 photos of New York City microapartments show how tiny living can be glamorous — or disappointing

New York City micro apartment

In New York, a city where the average apartment rent is $3,600 a month, many residents don’t mind living in a tiny space to save extra cash. There’s just one problem: Microapartments are technically illegal under the city’s 1987 zoning laws, which require dwellings to have an area of at least 400 square feet.

That leaves two options for homeowners who want a small space: find an apartment built before 1987, or turn to one of the newer developments that have secured a special waiver from the city.

Even as the city’s regulations make microliving somewhat difficult, the trend has taken off in neighborhoods across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Despite their minimal square footage, these newer apartments offer innovative design features like hidden drawers and closets, along with luxury amenities like butler services and rentable ice-cream makers.

But for the thousands of residents who live in older microapartments, the lifestyle can be somewhat dismal. Take a look.

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If space isn’t an issue, microapartments can lend a more glamorous lifestyle at a lower price.

This loft on the Upper West Side features multi-level platforms with a small bathroom hidden beneath the stairs.

The loft is at the top of a six-story brownstone, with access to a rooftop garden.

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