I asked 25 people for the worst things about living in LA — and it's not just the traffic

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  • Los Angeles is known for its perfect weather, constant sunshine, and chilled-out locals.
  • When it comes to the worst things about Los Angeles, locals define their “worst things” in several different ways.
  • Here, 25 people share the worst things about Los Angeles, from cost of living to traffic.


You may remember the movie „LA Story,“ a 1991 comedy that Steve Martin wrote and starred in. In it, Martin plays Harris, a TV meteorologist who struggles with his romantic relationship, but also with his relationship with Los Angeles.

The movie’s satirical descriptions of traffic woes, jokes about the weather being the same every day, and a humorous scene with a table of friends all ordering their coffee in different ways are likely relatable to many Los Angeles locals.

Of course, traffic in LA is a common complaint. In fact, the city has the worst traffic congestion in the world, according to a 2017 study by the Inrix Global Traffic Scorecard, beating out Moscow, NYC, and Sao Paulo, Brazil, respectively. But the city has challenges beyond commute congestion.

Here, I asked 25 residents for the worst things about Los Angeles. (Responses have been condensed and edited for clarity.)

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1. Regina, 50s

One word: traffic! Friends visit me and look at the literal distance between places. I tell them miles are meaningless — it’s all about time of day!

2. Jade, 31

I find that the lack of public transportation is the worst part about LA. It seems that the existing public transport goes everywhere I don’t need to go, and construction for new train lines, etc. has been going on forever.

3. Mike, mid-40s

There are way too many homeless encampments, and I wish more could be done for the homeless.

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