Retailers are selling layered jeans that cost as much as $1,000, and it looks like people actually want to wear them

Layered Jeans

  • Layered jeans are the latest popular look to emerge from the wild denim trend.
  • The style can vary, but layered denim usually involves jeans that appear to have multiple other pairs layered underneath them.
  • Various luxury brands are currently selling versions of the look, each for a couple hundred dollars per pair.
  • Instagram users have been wearing the trend since 2017, but Rihanna appears to be one of the first designers to embrace the look back in 2013.

Wild denim looks have been around for years, but 2018 has seen a plethora of outrageous designs become high-fashion staples.

Bizarre styles, like inside-out pants and 9-foot-long jeans, use excessive denim to make a statement, while others, such as denim thongs, barely use denim at all to create a less-is-more effect. And in true, wild-denim fashion, some of the most shocking looks from the trend don’t require pants at all, like Jennifer Lopez’s jean boots.

But after months of denim being styled in a variety of ways, the fashion world appears to be in agreement that layered jeans are the way to wear the trend.

r13 layered jeans 2

As is the case with most fashion trends, layered denim is highly customizable

While some designers sew two pairs of jeans together to achieve the look, others have created something else entirely. 

This pair of $515 jeans from Y/Project, for example, uses the appearance of multiple pant legs to create five pockets down each side.

y:project jeans 2

Another layered denim style that’s becoming increasingly popular is a double waist

Filomena Fernandez’s $365 take on the style appears to tuck one pair of pants into another, creating the effect of a double waistband. This particular design also combines a pair of jeans with trousers, which is unique compared to other looks that have emerged from the trend.

filomena fernandez double trousers 2

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Similarly, designer Natasha Zinko is currently selling a variety of layered denim looks, including a $1,089 pair with a double-waist design. Standing out from the rest of her collection, this pair features light-wash denim jeans underneath a pair of dark denim shorts.

natasha zinko jeans 2

Natasha Zinko even took the trend one step further and created $423 layered track pants.

Layered Sweatpants

Despite high price points, layered-denim looks appear to be popular on Instagram

The one thing that almost every pair of layered denim pants has in common is that they were created by high-end designers who sell them for hundreds of dollars per pair. Of course, it’s possible that fast-fashion outlets will soon catch onto the trend, but those interested in getting the look now will have to drop quite a bit of money to do so.

However, Instagram users and influencers seem to be fans of layered jeans, and have been sporting them since as early as 2017.

the only layers i’ll be wearing in florida ♕ // layered trousers from @filomenafashion

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Triple the waistband, triple the fun. 🤟🏻

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Rihanna had a hand in designing layered jeans in 2013 with the retailer River Island

Back in 2013, Rihanna collaborated with River Island to create three clothing collections. During a fashion show to debut one of the lines, a model walked wearing layered, double-waisted jeans.

While it’s not entirely clear if Rihanna and River Island were the first to create the style, their look was definitely way ahead of its time. 

layered jeans designed by Rihanna

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