The 10 best places to travel on a budget in 2019

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Finding a good deal is always a great feeling, and that’s especially the case when it comes to traveling.

Budgetary constraints can often make dream vacations seem out of reach. But fortunately, Lonely Planet has put together its top recommendations for places to visit that won’t break the bank.

Lonely Planet’s annual Best in Travel list compiles expert opinions across a variety of occupations and demographics to decide on the top travel trends, values, and overall destinations for prospective vacationers to consider each year.

Keep reading to see the 10 best places to travel on a budget in 2019.

10. Experience all the joys of Alpine traveling without its usual high price tag in Slovenia.

When you couple Slovenia’s scenic mountain passes with its abundance of affordable restaurants and burgeoning wine scene, it’s easy to understand how the small nation gives its neighbors in the Alps a run for their money.

9. Wander through the Amazon in Ecuador.

This South American country boasts a rich history, green pastures, and the same temperate climate of bigger neighbors like Peru along the Andes.

Ecuador is lined with Amazonian rainforests, a collection of awe-inspiring volcanoes, and the world-famous Galápagos Islands.

8. Relax on scenic beaches in Albania, minus the crowds of tourists.

Albania’s picturesque rivieras, archaeological treasures, and regionally unique cuisine make it a one-of-a-kind country in the Balkans.

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