13 companies that love offering their interns full-time jobs

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When it comes to the best internship programs, it’s a given that you won’t just be fetching coffee. Hopefully, the program ends with a job offer.

Career intelligence site Vault, in its annual ranking of internships, took a look at which companies are most likely to hire their interns.

To find the companies that rate highest for employment prospects, Vault surveyed 13,000 current and former interns from 120 internship programs. Vault asked interns to rate on a scale of one to 10 the „opportunity to obtain a full-time job with this organization.“

Take a look below to see the 13 internships that ranked the highest. We also included the median pay for interns, according to their Glassdoor page, and what each company is looking for, according to their websites.

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13. James G. Davis Construction

Location: Rockville, Maryland

Pay: $17.50 an hour 

Ideal for: Students studying construction management, architectural engineering, or a related field.

What the company says:Throughout the 12-week internship, in addition to working full-time, we provided a jam-packed social calendar which enabled our interns to connect outside of the office.“

12. Plante Moran

Locations: Across Michigan, Ohio, and Chicago

Median pay: $24 an hour 

Ideal for: Students studying accounting, finance, consulting, and other fields.

What the company says:We treat interns like first-year staff. Although each internship is slightly different, most interns work on actual client projects, getting a real feel for the profession, the firm, and our clientele.“

11. Northwestern Mutual

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Median pay: $14 an hour 

Ideal for: Students interested in finance, insurance, or sales.

What the company says: „Lay the foundation for a client base and a successful practice, with support from your office colleagues and the company. At Northwestern Mutual, you’ll work for yourself but never by yourself.“

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