15 bestselling books that readers love but critics hate

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Critics and audiences don’t always see eye-to-eye — and it’s especially true for books

Although some of these novels may have taken up residence on The New York Times Bestseller list and others have inspired multi-million dollar movie franchises, they still surprisingly failed to impress critics. 

These critics don’t hold back either, calling some of the most beloved books „boring,“ „improbable,“ „ordinary,“ „dull,“ and „unoriginal.“ One novel was even compared to Kraft macaroni and cheese for its inability to inspire. 

Keep scrolling to see what critics had to say about some of your favorite books. 

„Twilight“ series by Stephenie Meyer

The „Fifty Shades of Grey“ books were actually first written as fan fiction to another popular —but controversial series: „Twilight.“ The YA series follows a clumsy girl named Bella as she falls in love with a dangerous but charming vampire named Edward. The book became a bestseller and created a successful franchise, but the critics didn’t give it any love. 

One Guardian critic called the protagonist a „nincompoop with the charisma of a boiled potato,“ while The Washington Post said it was like „reading a young teenage girl’s diary boosted with enough of Meyer’s made-up vampire lore to give it some mild narrative and sexual tension.“ The New York Times described the book’s style as „overearnest, amateurish writing.“

„Fifty Shades of Grey“ series by E L James

When E.L. James‘ novel „Fifty Shades of Grey“ hit shelves, it became a cultural phenomenon. Women everywhere were enticed by the dark and brooding Christian Grey as he preyed on clumsy Anna, luring her into his titillating world of BDSM.

But critics weren’t so captivated. One critic at The Telegraph said, „creepy doesn’t even begin to cover it,“ describing the writing as „bad throughout.“ The reviews didn’t get any better as the series progressed. Business Insider said the last book turned Christian Grey into a pig. „Not even 20 pages in you get the sense Christian is an egotistical, obsessive-compulsive, creepy stalker lusting after a college-aged girl,“ per BI. 

„Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s‘ Stone“ by J.K. Rowling

In 1997, an unknown writer named Joanne Rowling published the first novel in a seven-part series: „Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s‘ Stone.“ Twenty years later, the series has sold 500 million copies and become one of the most profitable franchises in history. While the beloved character Harry Potter is widely embraced today, critics weren’t that impressed with the world Rowling created. 

The Guardian said that the first book has a „pedestrian, ungrammatical prose style, which has left me with a headache and a sense of a wasted opportunity.“ The review goes on to to read, „Her characters, unlike life’s, are all black-and-white. Her story-lines are predictable, the suspense minimal, the sentimentality cloying every page.“

Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal published an article titled „Can 35 million book buyers be wrong? Yes.“ In it, the critic describes the book as „not well written“ and writes, „One can reasonably doubt that ‚Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone‘ is going to prove a classic of children’s literature.“


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