Fascinating photos show what it's like to be a truck driver in different parts of the world — from driving pandas to the airport to spending $10,000 on truck art


  • Truck drivers around the world have more in common than you might think.
  • They all deal with traffic, long stretches of time away from home, strikes, and more.
  • But other parts of their lives are fascinatingly different, as shown in the photographs below.


Truck transportation is a $1.45 trillion industry worldwide. That’s more than air, ship, train, or any other individual method of moving goods.

The lives of the people driving those many, many trucks are different all over the world. We found fascinating photos of truck drivers in Nigeria, Pakistan, the United States, England, China, Brazil, South Korea, Mexico, and more to highlight what their days look like.

Here’s what a truck driver’s day looks like in every continent… except Antarctica.

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In Pakistan, flamboyantly painted trucks are a common sight. Even though these trucks are often as much as 30 years old, they’re maintained scrupulously.

Source: Getty

It costs up to $10,000, a half-dozen artists, and nearly six weeks of work to decorate one of these trucks. They feature ‚elaborate colorful designs, calligraphy, portraits of heroes and singers, mirrors and jingling tassels,‘ reported the Agence France-Presse.

Source: AFP

This is Bashir, who has been a truck driver for 25 years. Elaborately decorated trucks like his became the norm in Pakistan after the country split from India in 1947; Pakistanis wanted to make their trucks look different.

Source: Getty

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