31 people share the moment they fell for their partner and it will make you believe in love

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Whether or not you believe in love at first sight, there was probably a moment that you knew you loved, or were starting to fall in love with, your partner. 

These moments can be silly or heartbreaking, just like the relationships and the people in them. INSIDER rounded up the best moments from a few different Reddit threads to show the beauty in all of these moments. 

„I was more worried about her being worried about me than my own safety.“

„I had been dating my girlfriend for about a year and a half, when I pulled out at an intersection and almost got side-swiped. I had to jerk the wheel and everything. Immediately I thought, ‚Man that was close! I didn’t have my seat-belt on, either. She would be so upset if I got hurt!‘

„And that’s when I realized that I was more worried about her being worried about me than my own safety.

„I know it’s goofy and not very ‚touching,‘ but that’s when I realized that I was in love, because I didn’t want anything to hurt her; not even bad news.

„I told her about it about a week later and she thought it was sweet. That was pretty much it (she isn’t nearly as sentimental as I am). We have been together for 9 years, and married for the last 5. Oh, we got a baby, too.“ – Redditor marblefoot

„I knew we both took each other as we were.“

„The moment I knew I actually loved her was when we would burp and fart together watching some stupid move or show while making out and laughing about it when something ’non-perfect‘ happened while we had sex. I knew we both took each other as we were. Complete honesty, no masks, no disguises, no tricks. Cause there was no need for that.“ – Redditor Omnilatent

„Something just came over me and I realized how happy I was.“

„Met a girl at university in March 2011, we hit it off really well and eventually decide to make things exclusive. We were both dumb 18 year olds, but something really, really felt connected about us and we had already said ‚I love you‘ in April (one month in — I know, stupid). Anyways, we live about an hour apart when we’re on summer holidays, but having never done long distance it seems really far away and we’re both nervous about how things between us will change only seeing each other about once a week for four months right at the beginning of the relationship.

„Anyways, school ends, we both go home to our respective parents‘ house, and make plans to see each other at my girlfriend’s house after about 10 days. She lives right in Toronto whereas I lived on the outskirts, so I take the train into the city and to meet her right downtown. We’re trying to find each other on the crowded street (I didn’t really know the city at that time so I was kind of going in circles looking for her).

„Eventually, I spot her on a busy street corner looking around, but she hasn’t seen me yet. Something just came over me and I realized how happy I was, how happy she made me, and how much I really cared about her. I don’t know why but for some reason seeing her then for the first time away from school really made it click for me. Just had our four year anniversary last week and I feel the same as I did that day.“ – Redditor richandbrilliant

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