NFL betting guide — Our best bets for Week 9 of the Westgate SuperContest


Halfway through the NFL season, our best bets have been hovering around 50% — slightly less than profitable, but good enough that we’re not yet out of the running in the Westgate SuperContest.

Still, we have to get hot, and time is running out — after a 3-2 week last week, let’s keep the positive money rolling and get right to our picks.

Take a look below for our best five bets against the spread for this Sunday, plus a few other wagers to consider making this weekend.

Home teams get the asterisk.

Minnesota Vikings* (-4.5) over Detroit Lions

The Minnesota Vikings‘ loss to the Saints last weekend wasn’t as bad as it looked on paper.

While the final score read 30-20 and the game was never really in doubt for the Saints in the second half, the big swing of the game came late in the second quarter when an Adam Thielen fumble resulted in a 10- or 14-point swing just before halftime. Erase that fumble, and it’s a completely different game.

The Lions have been a tough team to get a read on all year, but their offense really opens up only when they can get their rushing attack going, and the Vikings‘ defense should be able to keep Kerryon Johnson in check.

The Vikings aren’t losing two straight home games, and if they play their game, they should be able to cover this number.

Washington Redskins* (-1.5) over Atlanta Falcons

How many wins do the Redskins have to rack up before the betting public starts to believe?

I don’t even like Washington all that much this year, and I still think that the Falcons are undervalued in a lot of people’s minds, but Alex Smith and the Washington offense has been rolling pretty steady in recent weeks, and Atlanta can’t get a stop to save their lives.

Denver Broncos* (-1) over Houston Texans

The Houston Texans are simply riding too hot.

They’ve won five straight to jump back into the lead of the AFC South, but none of their victories have been especially impressive, and they feel due to fall back to Earth soon.

A trip to Denver feels like just the spot to jump off their bandwagon and fade Houston.

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