This couple invented a clever piece of luggage so you'll never have to check your bags again — here's how it works

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Over the past two years, Johnathan Webster has taken nearly 60 flights and successfully avoided one bane of airline travel: checking his luggage.

Webster and his wife, Gizem Mut-Webster, have evaded checking luggage on flights since they backpacked through Europe in college. As students traveling on a restricted budget, they took issue with the stringent bag policies and punishing luggage fees enforced by many airlines.

They began to brainstorm a clever solution: What if they created a luggage brand that not only looked sleek but could defy those policies?

The result is Wool & Oak, a two-year-old company that creates stylish, modular luggage designed to get around airline bag policies. The brand’s most recent product, which debuted Tuesday, is a two-part duffel backpack that can neatly be disguised as a single carry-on item.

Here’s what it looks like and how it works.

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Looks pretty much like a regular backpack, right?

But once you’re on a flight, Wool & Oak’s bag handily unzips into two parts.

Each bag has a set of zippers so the two can attach to each other. Here, Wool & Oak’s slim work backpack is paired with the larger day bag.

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