10 mistakes you're making when blow-drying your hair, according to hairstylists

Blow dryer

When it comes to styling our hair, nothing seems more mundane and simplistic than grabbing our blow dryers and getting to work. But, just like any other heated tool, your blow dryer can cause some major damage to your strands if used incorrectly. What’s the price to pay from bad blow-drying? Think dryness, breakage, and ultra-frizzy tresses.

To keep your hair in tip-top shape, INSIDER talked to a handful of notable hair stylists on the most popular mistakes people make when they’re blow-drying their hair and how to blow-dry the right way.

Here are mistakes you could be making.

You’re using the wrong brush when you blow-dry.

According to celebrity hairstylist Michael Dueñas, using a round or paddle brush can lead to lots of damage in the blow-drying process.

„When it is too wet, the hair gets stretched too much and loses too much moisture, making it impossible for your hair to hold onto curl,“ he said. „It will lay lifeless and flat.“

You don’t allow your hair to air dry.

„I always recommend to allow the air to air dry as much as time allows which prevents the hair from damage over time,“ said Dominique Lerma, hairstylist and executive makeup artist for Moda Brush.

„By not removing excess water from hair, you’re spending more time than necessary blow drying, causing extra stress on your hair,“ added Sarah Lund, STYLE.MASTER for luxury hair care brand KEVIN.MURPHY.

If you’re in a rush, then Nicole Stimitz — New York City hairstylist and representative for EMERA CBD Haircare — recommends „pre-drying“ your hair.

„This means blow-drying the hair without worry about smoothing or styling, just drying randomly so that the majority of the moisture is out of the hair,“ she explained. „Going from soaking wet to dry will take much longer than drying 90% of the way, and then going through sections and smoothing for a polished look.“

You’re not blow-drying from root to tip.

Colby Campbell, HAI stylist at Lush Salon in Corona, California, noted that many people tend to leave the front and top of their hair last and start at the ends.

According to Campbell, this should be your „first attack,“ and you should always remember to start at the front and crown of your head, going down to your roots.

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