26 details you probably missed on Andrew Lincoln's final episode of 'The Walking Dead'

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Warning: There are spoilers ahead for „The Walking Dead,“ season nine, episode five, „What Comes After.“

Rick’s final episode of „The Walking Dead“ has so many references to moments in the comic and previous seasons that it’s easy to miss them all.

So buckle in, TWDFamily. This is a super-sized edition of our regular details you missed post with callbacks to the show’s pilot and some of Rick’s best moments on the AMC series. We’ll even explain what was up with the mystery „Cardille“ mailbox that appeared when Rick made a pit stop at that cabin in the woods. Keep reading to see what you may have missed on Sunday’s episode. 

During Rick’s dream sequence at the episode’s start, he sees and hears a few things from the pilot episode.

Season nine Rick sees a younger, season one Rick in bed in a hospital. Morgan, the first man he met during the zombie apocalypse, asks about his wound. At the time, Morgan asked that to make sure he wasn’t bit by one of the undead.

Now, Rick hears those words as he notices he’s gravely injured from a piece of rebar.

The many helicopters Rick sees are a reference to the several times he’s seen helicopters throughout the show.

Rick saw a helicopter on the first episode of “The Walking Dead” when he made his way into Atlanta. He tried to follow it, but literally ran into a bunch of the undead. He saw a helicopter fly overhead again during season eight on his way to visit Jadis/Anne. At the very least, we now know she has something to do with the helicopter.

Showing all of the helicopters in Rick’s hallucination is also a way of hinting at what’s to come at the end of the episode. At the same time, it may be the writers’ way of acknowledging one of the show’s most frustrating mysteries for several seasons.

The crows that Rick sees in his vision are a major threat to civilization.

I mentioned this after the season nine premiere, but the crows become a major issue in the comics. The crow population starts to become so large that they begin destroying the crops the survivors are growing. This starts to get hinted at as we see the crows overrunning the Sanctuary and see Michonne getting told on season nine, episode four about the crows getting out of control.

Ahead of the season nine premiere, showrunner Angela Kang told INSIDER the new series’ logo hinted that the stone letters overgrown with greenery reflect that nature is thriving both for better and for worse. In the case with the crows, it’s for worse.

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